Red Rose Meaning

Red Rose Meaning – Love in Bloom

There is little that impresses the recipient more than being presented with a bouquet of flowers.  Red roses, specifically, are an exciting gift to receive.  The aura of romance, passion, and love that surrounds the red rose is indisputable.  The language of flowers, or floriography, as it is also known, is a complex and a secret language that was used in the Victorian era to express feelings and emotions to other participants that they did not wish to express vocally.  While the language of flowers included a wide variety of flowers, plants, and herbs the red rose had such a strong meaning that it is carried down through the ages to today.

24k-rust-red-gold-trimmed-rose-bud.jpgSecret Behind the Red Rose Meaning

The red rose can mean many things.  As the language of flowers was complicated, the meaning of the flowers could change depending upon the number of flowers, types of flowers, whether or not the thorns were intact, and even the shade or hue of the rose.  In general, the red rose indicates love and passion and no other flower states love and passion quite as effectively as the red rose.

Examples of the Red Rose Varied Meanings:

  • A red rosebud: red rosebuds are usually thought to represent an innocent love or the sentiment that the recipient is young and beautiful or pure and beautiful.
  • A single red rose in full bloom states I love you.
  • A dark red or burgundy rose could indicate unconscious beauty.
  • A red rose with no thorns could indicate that the giver has loved the recipient sense they first saw them. 

Red Rose Meaning Combination with Other Colors:

  • Red and white roses together could indicate unity or enduring love.
  • Red and yellow roses can indicate joyous love.
  • Even roses of a different color that has red petal edges can have special meanings for example a yellow rose with red edges indicates friendship turning into love.

To this day the red rose states “I love you” more effectively than any other flower.  Red roses can add a sense of romance and passion to your gift and for your occasion.  Red roses are a lovely and eloquent way of expressing your love, passion, and respect to that special person in your life.

The red rose with its long and well known history indicating love and passion can make for a truly memorable bouquet.  When using the language of flowers it is often wise to include a card with a personal message to reinforce the meaning. The special meanings of colors and flowers are not as well known today as they were in years past.