Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow Rose Meaning

One of the most exciting occasions for a woman is when they receive a surprise bouquet. Yellow roses, are a lovely and unusual flower to receive and sure to be appreciated.   Floriography, is a complex and elegant language with many levels of meaning and innuendo and is used to send signals about feelings and emotions that the sender is not willing or able to speak of to others.  The language of flowers included a wide variety of plants, flowers and herbs that can change the meaning of a simple message.

So What is the Yellow Rose Meaning?

As the language of flowers was complicated and intricate, the meaning of a flower and color could be expanded on and changed by what is sent or held with the rose.  The yellow rose is often used to indicate happiness, friendship and caring but certain combinations could change the meaning to happy with the domestic life or innocent friendship. The yellow rose adds an element of happiness to any flower arrangement.

Examples of the Yellow Rose Varied Meanings:

  • Friendship is the primary meaning of the yellow rose.
  • The yellow rose can also mean a love that is familiar or happiness with the domestic arrangement.
  • As the yellow rose can indicate happiness with the domestic it is very appropriate to use yellow roses in a bridal bouquet.
  • A yellow rose with no thorns could indicate love at first sight and happiness and esteem.
  • Rosebuds indicate youth and innocence, so a yellow rosebud could indicate an innocent and happy heart or caring and innocent friendship.
  • In Germanic countries the yellow rose is used to indicate jealousy.

Yellow Rose Meaning in Combination with Other Colors:

  • A yellow rose with red petal tips could indicate that you are falling into love from friendship or a plain indication of falling in love with the person you are presenting them to.
  • A bouquet of yellow and white roses can express your appreciation of happy innocence or harmony and unity.
  • Yellow and red roses can indicate happiness and celebration.

yellow-platinum-trimmed-rose.jpgYellow roses, with their sunshine color show the joy and happiness that friends bring into our lives and as such the yellow rose is very appropriate to send to friends.  One of the things that make the yellow rose so special is that it indicates a true friend and a true friend is a rare and wonderful gift. Always remember to include a card with thoughts that pass on the message of the flower in words spoken from the heart. The yellow rose meaning will not be hidden in any way when you share it in your own language of love.


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