White Rose Meaning

White Rose Meaning and Lore

The white rose has long evoked the feelings of innocence and purity.  A bouquet with white roses or white roses mixed with other colors can be a stunning and elegant flower arrangement to receive. Floriography or the language of flowers is an elegant and subtle code that was used to express feelings and emotions that the speakers were not willing to vocalize during the Victorian era.  As the language of flowers contained more than just roses; the plants, herbs and flowers that they’re grouped with can add subtle nuances to their message of innocence and purity.

The White Rose in History

The White Rose in addition to its beauty has historical significance. The white rose figures in heraldry as an expression of love and faith. In Germany there was a non-violent opposition group of students who opposed Hitler and they used the name die Weiße Rose, or the white rose. This symbolizes youth and pure intentions of the participants.

The White Rose Meaning in the Language of Flowers

24k-white-gold-trimmed-rose.gifThe earliest meaning for the white rose was one of true love but this association is now more prevalent for the red rose.  The white rose is also called the bridal rose and as such represent unity, and new bonds of love.  The white rose at a wedding carries the message of new beginnings and purity.  

As the white rose can also indicate honor and reverence and often a feeling of spirituality the white rose is often seen in sympathy arrangements at funerals.  It is used to symbolize remembrance, love, and respect for the departed person.  In this case, the message of farewell is conveyed by the white rose.

Today some of the more common meanings for the white rose are purity and youthful innocence.  This meaning is more historical as a white rosebud was a symbol for a young girl considered too young for love.  The white rose can symbolize friendship, hope, love and even respect.  But the note that underscores it all is innocence and purity.

The White Rose Meaning with Other Roses

The white rose combined with other rose colors can alter and enhance the meanings of both. 

  • White and yellow roses to gather can indicate harmony
  • White and red roses indicate unity and bonding and are very appropriate for weddings. 
  • While a white rose can indicate truth it can also be implied in a white and red rose combination that the message would be one of true love.

Regardless of the combinations chosen a bouquet of white roses is stunning it an elegant and its simplicity.  As the art of floriography is not often used the way it once was, including a card that shares the sweetness of the message in the bouquet is appropriate.